Mr. Trottier, A Man Who Cares about Our Schools

Anna Gulbankian, Staff Writer

Mr.Trottier standing next to his picture in the main lobby. Make sure to take a look as you’re passing by.

Mr. P. Brent Trottier is a very important part of our school. Mr. Trottier was the interim director of facilities and was filling in for a few months here at Trottier, but most importantly, he is the man behind the name of our school. Mr. Trottier not only worked for Trottier, but also for all the Southborough schools. Some of the projects he’s helped bring about were the new carpets in the superintendent’s office at Neary and the repair of any broken things in the schools, and he also made sure all the schools got cleaned during the summer. Of course Mr. Trottier didn’t do it all himself. He worked with the custodians, principals, the electricians, and anyone else who fixes things.

Mr. Trottier enjoyed many things about his job in facilities. Mr. Trottier enjoyed being in an educational environment. He said, “Kids are all different and have lots of energy and are fun to talk to, and it makes me feel younger being around younger people.”

Mr. Trottier has worked for the Southborough schools for 35 years. The school was named after Mr.Trottier in 1997. The school was named after him because people saw that he always tried to do a good job and loved to work with students and kids. Mr. Trottier said, “I was so pleased, and it’s a wonderful school.”

Mr. Trottier started his years in education teaching 5th and 6th grade. He was principal for Finn, Woodward, Neary, and also for South Union school. He eventually was the assistant superintendent for Northborough and Southborough. Mr.Trottier retired in 1998 after many enjoyable years in our district.

Other than being in an educational environment, Mr.Trottier had other jobs in the past. He was a sports reporter, and he worked at Friendly’s, a drug store, and at a movie theater.

Mr.Trottier likes to spend his time in other ways.  For example, he likes to ride his bike, go kayaking, golf, work in his yard at home, and the best thing he likes to do is spend time with his family.

Mr. Trottier will be missed at Trottier Middle School, but surely he will be back for a visit.