Boys Basketball Looks Forward to a Strong Season

Joe Spinelli and James McBride, Staff Writers

Trottier basketball is a popular sport and social event in the school. The boys team was formed after a rigorous two-day tryout on Monday, November 13 and Thursday, November 16, 2017. Roughly thirty kids tried out, and only fifteen made the team.  After a long night of decision making, Head Coach St. Pierre chose a grand total of thirteen 8th graders, three of whom were on the team last year, and only two 7th graders.

The team is looking good this year. Coach St. Pierre believes the team has a deep bench, which means that many of the players may see some playing time. The team has a lot of talent, and it just has to be accessed and brought out through conditioning and practice. Coach thinks the team has the potential to be a strong defensive team this season. He is really excited for this year’s basketball season.

Coach St. Pierre loves the height of not only 8th-grade players but the 7th-grade players, as well. He said the team would do about a week, at most, of straight strength and conditioning to get ready for the season. This will help the team get in the best shape for the season. He really takes great pride in this because this is how they can win games. Coach St. Pierre started Crossfit last March. This was not only helpful to him, but he also carried over exercises for the team to work on in practice. Two examples are complex stretches to increase flexibility and stamina and medicine ball throws against the wall. In addition to exercises, Coach St. Pierre has the team run a mile to warm up. This running also conditions the team to avoid exhaustion during games.  

Coach St. Pierre says that the team is very mellow. “The team needs to work on crashing the boards and following up on shots,” said Coach St. Pierre.  Overall, he believes the team needs to work on defensive aggression, and that will be a focus in practice. This year might be one of the best years if the team keeps up their training and hard work.

The Trottier basketball team is led by three captains, James Clark, Aidan Goss, and Joseph Spinelli.  There are two managers helping out Coach St. Pierre.  The season consists of 17 games, and the final game will be played at Algonquin High School. The teams in the division are mostly from central Massachusetts. The season started with a loss against Shrewsbury, but the team is excited and determined to win during the course of the season.