Halloween Party a Big Success


Tucker Paquette and Tobin Moore, Staff Writers

On Tuesday, October 31, 2017, Project Unify threw a Halloween party in the cafeteria.  Approximately 50 people attended the party.  The NECC and Castle teachers, Project Unify advisors, and a few other teachers joined the fun.  Danielle Adams, an eighth-grader, organized the event, which included music, food, decorations, and activities.  

According to Mrs. Klein, a teacher at Trottier, ¨We did the party so that everyone at Trottier can have an opportunity to get together to have fun in a safe, accepting environment.¨ Mrs. Klein said that the teachers were very pleased to see the students have so much fun.

A variety of food was available at the party, such as cookies and candy, as well as Tootsie rolls and pops, not to mention pretzels.   ¨We had a lot of food options to make sure everyone liked something there,¨ said Danielle Adams.  Additionally, there were lots of decorations at the party, including spider webs and spiders, which were fake, of course! The party had a station to decorate pumpkins and a pretty spectacular costume contest. There was music performed by students that kids danced to, as well.

So many people attended the party because it was a great event last year. Danielle said, ¨From the feedback I received, people had a great time and thought it was a great school event.¨ Furthermore, Mrs. Klein said, ¨It was the first time we had a multi-grade activity after school.¨  Plus, the decorations and costumes got everyone excited.

Overall, the 2017 rendition of the Project Unify Halloween party was a big success. The great food, activities, and party-goers made it a great event. Project Unify hopes to continue this tradition in the future.