Adventures in Washington, D.C.

Abby Austvold, Lily Lyadova, and Heidi Ziegler, Staff Writers

The Capital building in Washington D.C.

The eighth grade class of Trottier Middle School visited Washington D.C. in November 2017. They went to D.C. to learn about American history by visiting many museums, memorials, and monuments, including the Washington Monument, the Museum of Natural History, the White House, Mt. Vernon, and many other sites.

Many students thought this trip was a wonderful experience. One of the students said that her favorite place she visited was the Arlington National Cemetery because it showed the sacrifice brave people made to keep our country free. Although many students loved the museums, they also enjoyed the time they could relax on the buses or at the hotel with their friends.

On the evening of Friday, November 10, 2017, all the eighth graders and teachers had a yummy Italian dinner at Buca di Beppo. The tasty meal included pasta with white and red sauces, meatballs, salad, chicken parmesan, different slices of bread, and chocolate chip cookies for dessert! The food was served family style in large bowls on the tables. People could eat as much food as they wanted.

Sarah B. thought the food was “good” and there was something for everyone. Julie P. “….loved the way the tables were close together; it was different from other restaurants that you went to.”  Ella H. thought it had a “cozy feel.” One highlight of the meal for Heidi Z. was sitting and hanging out with friends during dinner. The chocolate chip cookies were scrumptious!

One of the D.C chaperones, Mrs. Alzapiedi said, “I enjoyed the whole trip. It is a great city. I like to interact with the students and have a deeper connection and personal connection. It gives the students a grown up feeling.” She thought it was a memorable and educational experience for her and the students. Mrs. Alziepidi’s favorite museum was the Newseum, as she found it “fascinating and very entertaining.” Even though she enjoyed the trip, it was not totally stress-free. She found going through airport security very “nerve-racking.”

The students toured D.C. from early morning to late at night. There were many teachers from Trottier that went on the trip with the students. Among the many teachers were three social studies teachers, Mrs. Jenks, Mr. Basta, and Mr. Holland. Mr. Holland retired from being a social studies teacher last year. He was one of many student’s favorite teachers, so everybody was very excited to have him come on the trip.

The students had some advice for the upcoming eighth graders that will go on the trip to D.C. next year.   Make sure you pack everything you need. Pay attention to the museums and memorials, and do not waste the whole trip joking around and not learning anything. Almost everybody on the trip thought it was incredibly fun and a once in a lifetime trip!