Field Hockey: Getting Better Together

Sofia Baldelli, Staff Writer

Trottier Middle School’s field hockey team had an amazing season. The team spirit and the way the team bonded made them even better. There were eleven seventh graders that were new to the team and twenty-one eighth graders.  Anyone who wanted to play in the seventh and eighth grades could be a part of the team. There were no tryouts and a no-cut policy. Most of the girls new to the team had never played the sport before.  The season was a success; overall, the team’s record was 5-2-1.

Head Coach Scearbo said, “The girls had an amazing season.  Everyone improved a lot. The eighth graders mentored the sevenths graders in practice.”  The team captains were Tess Scearbo, Francesca Collet, and Lauren Dratch.  They led the team in stretches during practices and made sure the players had everything. The girls did many passing drills and shooting drills on the goalie, Juliette Piovoso. The team practiced three days a week, and the practices made the girls even better. In addition, they competed in two games per week. The experience helps them prepare for Algonquin’s field hockey team.

Their first game was against Dover, and they tied. However, there was some misunderstanding about the result.  The other team’s coach was screaming because everyone was going at each other trying to score a goal.

Eighth-grader Emmy O’Leary scored the first goal and most of the goals throughout the season. Emmy was very fast and scored most of the goals to allow the team to have a winning streak.  Everyone put in the effort to pass the ball so many players could have the opportunity to try and score a goal.

The game against Melican Middle school was one of their biggest games because they are the team’s rivals. The overall score was 2-1, and Melican pulled off the win by scoring the last goal with one minute left. The girls were upset, but they were all very happy with the way they played.

The game against Marlboro was a tough one. Although Trottier lost, they still stuck it out strong. The score was 2-1, and it was like a bloody battle at the end of the game. Everyone was so excited because everyone wanted to score and win. The ball was down in Marlboro end most of the time; everyone’s stick was on the ground, and all of the players were running with the ball. Many people were screaming at each other to pass it or score. It was a very hot and humid day, so everyone was dying of thirst.

The girls ended the season with a five-game winning streak.   Their very last game was against the Trottier faculty. The teachers and students tied.  Emmy O’Leary and Nicole Egizi scored for the students, and Mr. Lavoie scored two goals for the teachers. Mr. St.Pierre was one of the best players on the teacher team because he ran fast and pushed the students out of the way while whacking at the ball trying to score. The best part of the game was that everyone had fun, and by the end of the game, everyone was laughing. The students usually win, but the teachers pulled it off and stuck it out with a tie.

Overall, the field hockey team had a great season, sticking out a lot of wins, having fun in practices, working hard, and getting better together.