The Patriots Are on the Run for the Bowl Once Again!


Brady Leonard and Justin Rosen, Staff Writers

The Patriots offense has had many ups and downs over the course of the season, but they are on a hot streak right now. Their offense has done many good things this season, but they do have things to work on, including rushing quarterbacks more. One of the things that they have been doing very well is passing. They are the number one in the NFL in passing, but it helps to have the best quarterback of all time and a very good receiving corporation. The Patriots running backs averaged 4.1 yards per carry, which is one of the best in the NFL.

Reporter Justin Rosen had the opportunity to talk to Rob Gronkowski, the tight end of the New England Patriots about the season.

Q:  How are you contributing to the New England Patriots?

A:  I’m contributing to the New England Patriots by playing my position of tight end. It takes many guys to have chemistry out there on the field. It takes practice to all contribute, and it takes us all to come together as a team to contribute in the way that we want to, and that’s to get a W.”

Q:  What do you think of how your offense is run?  

A:   “Our offense is run with a lot of different techniques to it, a lot of different areas where you can make plays. We’ve got the running backs, and we’ve got the wide receivers.  We use the tight ends. We use everyone that we can in the offense, and it just creates diversity.  You don’t know who’s going to get the ball.”

Q:  What do you think is your most effective play?

A:  “Our most effective play is a run play up the middle. I feel like when one of our running backs gets the ball, there’s a big hole right there open for them to run through.  They can make people miss, and they can get yards for us.”

Rob Gronkowski has put up record yardage and averaged 15.1 yards per catch. That is an unbelievable number, and Gronkowski has been a tremendous part of the Patriots offense. He also has a very strong body that makes him hard to tackle, which helps him get the yardage that he averages. Gronkowski is a four-time Pro Bowler, which is just more to show how good he is.

Mr. Winston, a sixth-grade teacher and lifelong Patriots fan, thinks that play action passes where the quarterback fakes a handoff and passes the ball are very effective.  “Tom Brady is very good at deceptive plays,” he said. Deception is key in these plays because the quarterback has to fake the run. When asked about the way the offense is run, Mr. Winston said, “The easy answer is Tom Brady, but the running game and pass protection are key.”

The Patriots offense is phenomenal, and Tom Brady is a key part of why they are number one in total yardage. While this may be so, their offensive line provides plenty of protection and time for Brady to throw the ball. The main running backs of the Patriots, James White, Mike Gillislee, Dion Lewis, and Rex Burkhead, are very good at what they do. The Patriots offense is extremely well run and very good at getting yardage.

The New England Patriots are a team of incredible stature. They have improved since 1960. They continue to impress by winning every game and hope to add another Super Bowl title to their collection as they head into the playoffs.