What Goes Down in the Dirt


Carmen Hudson and Hannah Krueger mixing pumpkin puree using pumpkins that we grew in the garden.

Caroline Alcock and Carmen Hudson, Staff Writers

Over three months of working in the gardening club, we as students GREW to enjoy the club more than expected. Students love what goes down in the dirt, and we have some amazing things to share about the club. Gardening is not what you think it is. Students are much more interactive in the garden, and there is always something to do. Mrs. Souaibou teaches the elective and always has everything planned inside the garden and inside the kitchen. Try something new. Get down in the dirt.

The class is an elective at Trottier.  Students usually work in the garden, but sometimes class is in the kitchen depending on the weather. Mrs. Souaibou gets her ideas of what the class will do each week by making a list of everything needed in the garden and generating ideas what the class could bake according to the season. When working in the garden, students weed, water, plant, and pick vegetables, such as peppers, carrots, celery, and beets.  The class will work in the garden for most of the fall until it gets cold out. When it gets cold out, Mrs. Souaibou takes students into the kitchen to cook with what was harvested from the garden. Students cooked pumpkin muffins, made pickles, and prepared pesto sauce for ravioli.

Students take away a great deal from this class.  “It really depends on students and depends on group dynamics with who is in the class. I feel the students leave with an appreciation with food and system of how hard it is to grow their own food. Also I feel it’s a time to relax with all of the school work that they have. Digging in the dirt is the same as an antidepressant pill,” Mrs. Souaibou said.  She thinks this elective allows students the ability to unwind and forget about the pressures of the day. It also makes students more aware of where food comes from.

Gardening club is a great place to bond with other students and have an appreciation for for the food that we eat.  Many students do not know where it comes from and are not really appreciative of the work that goes into growing it. According to Mrs. Souaibou, gardening club is a place where you can trust and appreciate Mrs. Souiabou’s intentions and can also bond with students you would have never thought you would.