History Has Been Made

Caroline Alcock, Staff Writer

Every winter, Trottier Middle School has successful boys and girls basketball teams, and this year, they maintained that tradition.  Both teams had great wins, but also some depressing losses. However, the girls team achieved something remarkable; they had the best record in Trottier history for girls basketball! The girls team won fifteen games and only lost three.  This record was a reflection of the great coaching by Mr. Distefano, Mrs. Klein, and Mrs. Hight. The three coaches made a huge impact on the development of the players.

Juliette Piovoso has been on the team since she was a sixth grader, which is unusual.  In the past, only seventh and eighth graders were able to try out for the team. Juliette tried out as a sixth grader because she wanted to have the opportunity to play at the highest level so she could be successful. Mr. Distefano recognized that and gave her the opportunity she deserved. Comparing the last two years Juliette has been on the team, the team has been more successful.  “We had a team that was more bonded and connected. We were all friends that helped the success throughout the season,” said Piovoso. Last year the girls were also friends, but this year, their experiences of playing together allowed them to understand each other’s style of play.

She said that this year was exciting, especially the Shrewsbury game. “Every quarter that we played in was neck and neck. In the end, both teams played extremely hard, but Trottier won. Not only was winning great, but Mrs. Alcock had cookies!”

The Shrewsbury basketball game was a game that the team really wanted to win. The first time the team faced Shrewsbury they lost, but Mr. Distefano came up with some great ideas and plays that helped the team win by the last minute!

This year’s and last year’s records were drastically different. Last year, they won eight and lost eight. Some of the athletes that were on the team last year improved over the past year.  The coaches of the team had very high standards and challenged them to make them win. Last year, when they lost they were disappointed, but they were ok with it because they were improving their record. However, this year when they lost their last game against Holden, the team was very disappointed and angry because they hadn’t lost in a long time. Both of the seasons were fun and competitive in the bracket in which they competed.

For the last two years that I have been on this team, I really have learned a lot from the coaches. I have gotten more comfortable shooting. The team had the best season of Trottier girls history, and it was a rewarding experience. If students of Trottier Middle School like to play basketball, I would recommend trying out for the team! All of the coaches will do anything to help athletes improve, and they will always believe in you no matter what your ability.