Come See the Strongest Show in Town: Hercules

Caroline Freeman, Staff Writer

Trottier Middle School announces Hercules as the spring play for 2018.  Love and jealousy drive this story.  Hercules’ girlfriend, Megara, has been poisoned by the malicious Hera, Zeus’ wife, and Hercules must complete nine tasks to get the antidote.  This play offers so many characters and provides more opportunities for students to develop their acting.

Hercules was chosen by the students who performed in Legally Blonde Jr The Musical in the winter. The students were given four plays to review before casting their votes.  They were very different from each other. Mrs. Morris thought that Hercules was a great choice because “This play has two big male roles.  We have never had a show with two male leads.”

On Tuesday, February 27th, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Penzone, and Mrs. Cohen held an audition workshop for students interested in auditioning for the play. They went over the scenes, and some people were able to perform the scenes on the stage.  On audition day, students completed an audition sheet indicating whether they wanted a big role or a small role and their acting experience. Students were called on randomly to perform a certain scene. The sixth-grade auditions were on Wednesday, February 28th and the seventh and eighth-grade auditions were on Thursday, March 1st. The cast list came out on Friday, March 2nd after a long decision process the night before.

Mrs. Morris, the director of the show, states, “Parts are decided based on auditions. We also think about whether a student can portray that character.”

Come watch Thomas Davis flex his muscles as Hercules and Brady Leonard throw lightning bolts at Delaney Cosentino as Hera.  The special thing about Hercules is that everybody has lines. Come support the cast of Hercules on Friday, May 4th at 7 p.m. and Saturday, May 5th at 3 p.m.