Trottier Takes the Plunge

Lily Lyadova, Staff Writer

On February 15, 2018, Mr. Clark was the MC at the Polar Plunge event.

On February 15th, Trottier Middle School hosted the Polar Plunge. Surprisingly, over 70 people from the Trottier Community took an icy cold plunge into the pool. To make the event more fun, Mr. Clark was the MC! Mr. Lavoie, Mr. Hreschuk, and many other faculty members took the plunge. Even the Southborough police, firefighters, and the emergency medical technicians took action. It was an event everyone had been waiting for, and it was a memorable one. This event drew people closer to each other and supported a good cause.

The purpose of this jump was to support the Special Olympics and have a unified event that brought everyone together. Amazingly, Trottier raised over $11,000.00! The event lasted for about one to two hours, and many attended to experience the thrill.

One of the plungers and organizers, Mrs. Lunder, stated, “Last year, in Marlboro, there was a Polar Plunge, and only one student participated.”  A little later, they brought the idea to Trottier so that others in the school could experience the same excitement.

Although many had fun, it wasn’t all a breeze. It required much thought, planning, organization, and communication. Mrs. Lunder said, “The members of Project Unify formed committees that were responsible for the different aspects of the event. We had a publicity committee, registration committee, clean-up committee, and entertainment committee. I did help oversee the event, along with the help of Mrs. Klein, Mrs. Scearbo, Mr. Hreschuk, and Mr. Lavoie.”

Mrs. Lunder, who was one of the people in charge of the event, felt it was a great success. “I felt great! The crowd seemed love this wonderful event. Everyone was proud of the Trottier community that helped support the event. So many students, faculty, and parents from the community came to Trottier to support the event.”

All in all, despite the chilly weather, this event was a hit. Not only did it bring different people together to enjoy the fun, but it also supported a good cause. It was well thought out and organized, and it did not cause trouble to anyone. The best part was that anyone could come and cheer on friends and family! With the help of the teachers and their enthusiasm, February 15th was one successful day.