Stellar Season for the BoSox

Colin Kessinger, Staff Writer

The 2018 Boston Red Sox pulled off with the unthinkable. It was their first World Series win since 2013, and the team had the most regular season wins in the team’s history(106); beating their 105 win season in 1912. It was Alex Cora’s first year as manager, and coincidentally, the former manager, John Farrell, also won the World Series his first year in 2013.

When asked who the best player on the team was this season, Mr. Winston, a 6th-grade social studies teacher and a “True Red Sox Fan,” as he has followed them through all 162 games this season, replied, “Obviously Mookie Betts.” According to Winston, he played with a zealous attitude that carried the team and resulted in positive outcomes.

Winston also thought the pickup of J.D. Martinez brought great offense, and pitchers Price and Eovaldi, lead the team toward the later months.

He said, “The clinching game against New York was big for the team, especially when Craig Kimbrel let up a home run late, cutting the Sox lead a little smaller.”

There were many highlights during the season. “Alex Cora lead the team after the neglect from the fans and had a positive approach stepping up as manager,” Mr. Winston said.  According to Winston, the great build-up of team chemistry and everyone getting to know each other after acquiring J.D Martinez, Steve Pearce, and Ian Kinsler were also major contributors to the successful season.

So, what will happen next season? Will the Red Sox acquire some more veteran players, or will it be a downfall for the team? Stay tuned for next season as it’s coming up in April, and hopefully, we can see another shattering season out of these BoSox.