Perseverance Through an Injury Put This Skier on Top of The World

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Luke Cronin, Staff Writer

   One of the most accomplished woman skiers ever to ski on the World Cup circuit, Lindsey Vonn, is entering her final season of competition.  Vonn won one gold medal in the downhill and two bronze medals, one in downhill and one in super-G, in Olympic competition. However, Vonn’s Olympic performances are nothing compared to her FIS World Cup winnings. Vonn has 82 World Cup victories under her belt in all events. She has persevered through injury and rather dark days to become one of the most accomplished woman skiers ever.  

   Vonn crashed in a super-G race in 2013, one year and two days before the scheduled start of the Sochi Winter Olympics, according to The New York Times. During the crash, Vonn hurt her self very badly. “According to the United States ski team’s medical director, Kyle Wilkens, Vonn tore the anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament in her right knee and sustained a tibial fracture,” said Kelley McMillan and Bill Pennington of The New York Times. Vonn went through extensive surgery on her right knee and tough rehab following the surgery.

   But Vonn would not say no to skiing. After the crash and injury, “I was doing what I love and no one could tell me no,” said Vonn. Vonn would not let a bump in the road take her career away.  “In her comeback year for the 2014-15 season, Vonn really charged and proved to everyone that she is back and better than ever, leading the way in the first-ever historic U.S. podium sweep in Lake Louise,” said  

Vonn shows that, no matter what, she would persevere and come out on top.  Lindsey Vonn is a true inspiration for athletes. Vonn says she wants to do something after skiing, but she is not sure what she will do yet.  Fans eagerly await to see what her final season brings.