Head Injuries on the Football Field Drop Immensely With This New Invention!

courtesy of  VICIS.com (https://vicis.com/products/zero1)

courtesy of VICIS.com (https://vicis.com/products/zero1)

James Keen, Staff Writer

With constant head injuries on the football field, Vicis, a startup company from Seattle, has created new technology for a helmet that could put a stop to these concussions. The VICIS Zero1 is a helmet that could revolutionize the way we play.

VICIS is using the newest technology to further improve helmet protection, combining the minds of great doctors, physiatrists, engineers, and football players to supply more safety to the sport. Head injuries (mostly concussions) are still prevalent in today’s most popular sport, football, endangering the game if this continues. In 2017, the football concussions reached an all-time high, with 281 reported concussions reported in the season.

While creating a new helmet, there are three main things to focus on, cost, safety/design, and comfort for the players. The Riddell Revolution helmets, which was used by most players, could cost anywhere from $250 to $1,000. VICIS helmets cost around $1,500 each, making it more expensive than the Riddle helmets.

Most football helmets have a hard outer shell followed by a layer of cushioning. The VICIS helmet consists of four outer layers. The first layer compresses and then rebounds. The second layer is made out of polymer columns that move in different directions to absorb the shock. Below that is a hard inner shell that helps prevent skull fractures and brain bleeds. The final layer is covered in memory foam for comfort while playing. The VICIS helmet has soft cushioning on the inside, making it easy to play in.

Sam Browd, CMO/Founder of VICIS said, “We want to build out the very best helmet using the best and latest technology that would be out there.”

Famous quarterback for the New England Patriots, Tom Brady said, “I asked the guys, I said, ‘Do I look any younger or faster in it?’ They said yes, so I feel like I might keep it.”

Vicis is working on distributing these helmets to the world, and 28 out of the 32 NFL teams are currently using it. Vicis’ goal is to make football a safer environment for players and reduce the number of concussions and head injuries. In addition to making football helmets, in 2018, they received a contract from the U.S military to further develop helmet technology.