The 911 Memorial at the Pentagon

The 911 Memorial at the Pentagon

Jordan Kearny, Staff Writer

In November, the eighth-grade class went to Washington, DC, and one of the many places we went to was the 9/11 Memorial at the Pentagon. There were plenty of memorials, but the 9/11 Memorial was the one that impacted me the most. 184 lives were lost on 9/11 in the Pentagon attack but seeing something to represent each individual person really made me realize how many lives were lost on that day in Washington, DC.

Many more lives were also lost in New York and Pennsylvania. There are three 9/11 memorials. The most well-known one is located where the Twin Towers once stood. Another one of the memorials is at the Pentagon, and the last one is located in Pennsylvania.  The incident in New York happened when terrorists hijacked two flights that left Boston and were headed to California. They flew them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. The Pentagon incident happened after another flight heading for California got hijacked by five terrorists and flew right into the Pentagon. The incident in Pennsylvania happened when flight 93 was hijacked and was headed for either the White House or Capitol building in DC, but the passengers of that plane found out about the terrorists and their plans. The passengers stopped the hijackers’ plan crash-landed the plane in a field in Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately, the plane in Washington, DC crashed into its intended target, killing many people inside and outside of the Pentagon. The more I looked at everything in the memorial the more I realized everything was done for a reason. Each of the benches either faces towards the Pentagon or away from the Pentagon. The benches facing towards the Pentagon represent the victims on the plane, and the benches facing away from the Pentagon represent those who died inside of the Pentagon. The lowest point in the memorial is 3 inches tall, representing the youngest victim who was only 3 years old, and the highest point is 71 inches tall, representing the oldest victim who was 71 years old.

All the effort and attention to detail is one of the reasons why this was the memorial that impacted me the most.