Social Media Attack on Teenagers

Social Media Attack on Teenagers

Irene Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Snapchat, an app that users can draw on photos, text their friends, and Snapchat every exciting event, has taken over the world. According to Omnicor Agency, over 188 million users are active daily and range from kids to adults. Over 528,000 snaps are sent every minute. Snapchat is used everywhere and always a good form of entertainment. All users have to do is just click a button, and they are automatically a pro at the app. However, Snapchat can make one vulnerable if not careful. Snapchat can let others see your information with a map and random people can add you.

Due to this app being so popular, people have many different opinions. Megan, a middle school student, stated that the app can be addictive. She also mentioned that it can be stressful and adding people can become dangerous. Megan said, “Handling my streaks can be stressful on my half, and many strangers have added me and asked for my personal information.” She came to the conclusion that parent moderation is good.

Parents seemed to be worried about the app. One Southborough mom stated that it can be a distraction to kids and could make others self-conscious. Snapchat can make someone self-conscious because users can see another person’s life and get jealous and insecure. Snapchat can make one insecure because users can see other people’s lives and looks, which can make the user feel bad about themselves. One parent said, “ I think Snapchat is a fun app as long as parents check on their kids.”

There are many pros and cons that come with this app. Some pros are communication, entertainment, and meeting new people. The cons include online bullying, strangers, and insecurities. Snapchat is a useful app, but with all things in life, there are downsides. The important thing to remember is to always stay safe.