The Yearbook Club Announces a Cover Design Contest

This is Mrs. Boucher’s middle school yearbook. It is what inspired her to start the new contest.

This is Mrs. Boucher’s middle school yearbook. It is what inspired her to start the new contest.

Colin Ammon, Staff Writer

Mrs. Boucher and the Yearbook Club announced at the beginning of November that they were running a contest to let the students of Trottier design the cover for the 2019-2020 school yearbook. The contest was officially open for everyone to start as of November 6. Anyone could create a cover, and the school will vote on the best one. The winner will be announced when the yearbook has been distributed, and the winner will get a free yearbook.

Mrs. Boucher decided to start this contest because she knows there are so many creative students at Trottier. She thought that the students’ ideas would be better than the covers the website Pictavo offers. Students could work on the cover by themselves or in a group of up to three people. There is no sign-up necessary, but when the students finished, one person per group could email or hand it to her. Students could only submit one per group, so they should make sure it’s their best work.

Mrs. Boucher stated that the yearbook staff liked the idea of a contest, so the club decided to go with it. She also said that it provides a way for the students of Trottier to keep the artwork that someone from their school created. She also got the idea from her middle school yearbook. A student drew her middle school yearbook cover, which made her think that students at Trottier were capable of the same. 

The contest had few rules. The most important was that submissions must be turned in by January 10. The artwork had to be original and had to have a ram or a tree in the design. Students did not need to put a name on the cover because it was anonymous, but all names must be included when the cover is passed in to Mrs. Boucher. Once all the covers were turned in, the yearbook staff narrowed it down to five covers to be voted on by the school. Mrs. Boucher says that she hopes this contest continues for all future yearbooks. The club received nineteen submissions and will hopefully make this a new Trottier tradition.