A Final Farewell


Signature mural for the class of 2019.

Jeh Mody, Staff Writer

Southborough, Ma – The Trottier Middle School eighth-grade banquet is an informal event to say goodbye to the eighth graders. Most eighth-grade teachers, both principals, and many other staff members attend this end-of-year event. Taking place in the gym and gym lobby, there is so much to do. There are tables to sit at, a dance floor, food and drinks, a DJ, a photo booth, and a slideshow showing pictures of the students dating back to kindergarten. The banquet is scheduled to be on the last day of school. 

The banquet started out as a graduation before becoming more of a dance. It then became more of a formal dance similar to a prom. Mr. Lavoie who was the assistant principal at the time noticed kids didn’t enjoy it as much as they should have. After becoming principal, he offered to change it to more of an event/graduation party. This change has had a positive impact as fifteen years later a majority of the students look forward to this tradition.

There is a different theme for the banquet every year. For example, last year’s theme was “Under the Stars.” The dress code also used to be much more formal but has eased up over the years. Students wear dress pants, button-down shirts, sports coats, and semi-formal dresses.

Mr. Lavoie collaborates with a committee of parents to plan the banquet. One thing to know is that 95% of the work is done by the parents.

Mr. Lavoie said, “I always loved school dances, and we didn’t have a lot when I went to school. It is a great opportunity to say goodbye.” This is one of the reasons the banquet is still going. Another reason according to Mr. Lavoie is that he personally wants to give the eighth-grade students that last memory. 

Fortunately, the eighth-grade banquet will be continuing for many more years to come, and hopefully, it stays that way.