Twenty-one Years of Dedication

The staff dressing up like Mr.Dunnet on his last day at Trottier.

The staff dressing up like Mr.Dunnet on his last day at Trottier.

Garrett Burns, Staff Writer

After 21 years that went by like a flash, Trottier’s head custodian, Mr. Dunnett, has left the Trottier community. On October 31, 2019,  Mr.Dunnet worked his last day at Trottier. Mr.Dunnett was a hardworking custodian, working on many different projects and during any condition, snow, ice, hail, or rain; he was there to try to make Trottier a clean, safe, and happy environment. 

Mr. Dunnet said that his favorite part of the job was the “cool” staff.  He loved the staff so much he even made breakfast for them during the holiday season.  He cooked eggs, sausages, bacon, waffles, and many other delicious foods. He said, “I love breakfast, love to cook, and besides it’s the holiday and everybody needs to be happy and smile.” 

The teachers loved Mr.Dunnet. He was just that type of guy that was always there for the staff and students of Trottier.  He would always put you in a good mood when he passed you in the hall saying, “What’s up, kid?” On his last workday at Trottier, a majority of the staff decided to dress up as him.  They proudly wore a Southborough facilities t-shirt in honor of his work. Some even wore his traditional plaid shirt and hat to finish the look.  

He said one of his favorite moments was when “a hot air balloon just missed the school building in 1999 and land(ed) on the Neary fields. That was a rush.. you can’t forget.” 

While Mr. Dunnett loved his time at Trottier, he said the decision to retire was not hard; “it’s time.”  He plans to go places, do things, and meet people. Mr. Dunnet will miss Trottier, a place that was a second home for twenty-one years that went by like a flash, but luckily, it doesn’t seem like he minds retirement because soon after he was enjoying himself in Florida.