A Teacher’s Life

This is a picture of Mr. Brady’s 8th-grade classroom.

This is a picture of Mr. Brady’s 8th-grade classroom.

Sadhya Kanal, Staff Writer

The only time students really see teachers is at school and only for a period or even two. What are their lives like other than the times we see them? What was it like for them before they came here? 

Mr. Brady is an eighth-grade English teacher at Trottier Middle School in Southborough, Massachusetts. He has been a teacher here since 1997. Before he came to Trottier, he taught at Melican Middle School, Algonquin High School, and Ayer Public Schools.

Mr. Brady has always taught English, but recently he is teaching one social studies class with Mr. Basta. Mr. Brady said, “I don’t know how I ended up here. I guess it was just fate.” He chose to stay at Trottier because he thinks it is the best school out of all the others in MA. He also says the kids are easy to work with. He compared Trottier to Disneyland because he enjoys being part of the Trottier community. 

During a typical school day, Mr. Brady interacts with about one-third of the students and the eighth-grade team. He comes in early because that is the best time for him to help his students. “I come in the morning because I am a morning person. Also, kids that need extra help tend to have too much going on in their schedule, so overall it is easier.” 

What else is there to know about Mr. Brady? Mr. Brady has a head in the middle of his classroom that he spins which chooses who will answer his question. The head got there on Halloween when one of his students came in wearing a mask. He hung it from the ceiling, and it has been there for a long time. The mask did end up breaking, so he had to get a new one, which can be seen hanging from the ceiling in the center of his classroom. In his free time, Mr. Brady enjoys hiking and being outdoors. Overall, Mr. Brady is a great English teacher and a fun teacher to have.