New Kid On The Block


Dayane with other students in Mrs. Witxed’s ELD classroom

Caroline Chavez, Staff Writer

Have you ever had to do something life-changing? Imagine moving into a country that is on a new continent. Thirteen-year-old Dayane Nunes is a kind-hearted girl that is now attending Trottier Middle school. She was born on April 11, 2006 and has been in the United States for about two years. Until she was eleven years old, she grew up in the tropical climate of Recife, Brazil with her mother, father, and older brother. 

  Each time Dayane has moved, her friend, Nicole Keher, has moved with her. In fact, both Dayane and Nicole were informed they were moving into a new town towards the end of this summer. Before moving into Southborough, they both lived in Marlborough. Nicole, her best friend, has been by her side for most of her life, and still to this day, they are inseparable. 

Dayane’s transition to Trottier has been hard, but thankfully, Clarabel Edelman has been a very helpful friend and helped her through it. Dayane stated that science is her favorite subject because experimenting is fun, and science comes easily to her. In her free time, she likes to hangout with her friends, relax, and sometimes play games on her phone. The most difficult things Dayane had to let go of while moving were teachers and friends because she was really connected and involved in activities the other students were doing. She was sad to leave her former teachers because, as she put it, “They were super nice to me.”

Trottier is very different from Dayane’s prior school because, here, classes are more informative and organized. Whereas at her prior school, it was scatterbrained because she didn’t know what she was learning and schedules were unorganized, so sometimes she didn’t know where she was going. 

Dayane felt lost and confused for the first couple of weeks of being at Trottier until she finally found her way around. Everyone at Trottier has tried very hard to make Dayane feel welcome, and we succeeded because as she puts it, “Everyone at my old school made me feel invisible and never talked to me.” Dayane has a group of friends that she can lean on when she needs help, and they support her in every which way. She stated, “If I’m upset, they will always be there for me and make me happy, or when I am confused and need help with homework or classwork, they will always be there to help me. I have a lot of people in Trottier that I can count on.” Even though she enjoys living here in Massachusetts, she would love to move back to where she grew up, Recife, Brazil. Although moving into a new town and school may be challenging, Dayane Nunes survived transitioning into a new middle school.