Trottier Field Hockey Shows Great Spirit throughout Their Entire Season

Photos of the 8th grade field hockey team and the whole field hockey team.

Photos of the 8th grade field hockey team and the whole field hockey team.

The Trottier field hockey team wrapped up their 2019 season last fall. Captains Zoe Manousos and Kiley Locke kept their team in great spirits throughout the season. With a team of 28 players, they had a blast riding the bus and playing as a team. Mrs. Scearbo, the coach of Trottier field hockey team, has played a great role in the team’s success. 

Trottier field hockey has toughed it out while facing many difficulties this season. Trottier began redoing their track early this year, causing them to be displaced. The team had to practice at Neary and play their games at the 911 Field. Along with this, many surrounding teams dropped their field hockey program, forcing Trottier to play teams multiple times. 

Through their hard work and dedication, they ended with two wins, four losses, and two ties. Caption Zoe Manousos was Trottier’s top scorer this year and said her favorite memories of the season were, “100% the bus rides because those are always fun and games, too.” Both Zoe and Kiley both had positive attitudes and showed great leadership this season, helping their team to stay in high spirits. Mrs. Scearbo enjoyed “watching you guys improve so much.” 

The 2019 – 2020 field hockey team has had many fun memories, including spirit days or bus rides. Both Mrs. Scearbo and Zoe agree that spirit days represent being a team and getting ready for the game. Some of the team’s favorite spirit days this year were blackout and sports teams. The bus rides were full of singing along to songs blasted from a speaker and eating cookies on the way back to Trottier. This year’s seventh and eighth graders created bonds, allowing them to play better as a team. Zoe stated, “This year, I think, is a little bit better than last year. I feel like we connected a little bit better with the seventh graders.” When playing as a team it is really important to have a good connection with your teammates because you will be able to bring that to the field and really play well as a team.  

Overall, the Trottier field hockey team maintained its high spirits and had as much fun as possible this season. Mrs. Scearbo has been an amazing coach, who has helped the team take great strides on and off the field. The captains worked with Mrs. Scearbo to help the season run smoothly. This field hockey team worked very hard, but they still have one more game to play. In the spring, they will be playing the Student vs. Faculty game where they will play against the teachers to see who wins. The date has not been officially set; however, the girls are ready, excited, and looking forward to a victory.