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Adam Franca, Staff Writer

Officer Landry, a well known Southborough Police Officer, teaches Trottier Middle school about the dangers of certain substances and behaviors. Over the course of the year, he is teaching seventh-grade students about drug abuse and is liked among the students.

 DARE gets all of their supplies from the Southborough Police Association (SPA). The SPA is an organization that was founded many years ago in order to help keep the community of Southboro safe and healthy. “DARE is funded from the citizens from the wonderful town of Southborough,” said Officer Landry. Jane Moran, an expert in teaching DARE, brought the subject to the schools of Southborough in 1993. She was the first person to teach DARE in Southborough. 

Currently, Sargent Aaron Richardson teaches Neary students the basics of what substances are and what they can do to your body. He also teaches the students at Neary how to develop coping skills to make smart decisions in life. “I felt it was the most effective way to use my skills,” said Officer Landry when he was asked why he decided to teach DARE to people. Although people have different opinions, Officer Landry thinks that DARE is “100% effective” at preventing students from doing drugs because he always provides factual information and positive ways to make smart decisions.

Right now Officer Landry is not planning to stop teaching Trottier Middle School and wants all students to know what potentially life-altering things drugs and negative behavior can do to you. Hopefully, the DARE community continues to grow and more schools get to have these classes that teach them about what the consequences of using drugs are.