Chorus Singing at the New Safety Building

Clarabel Edlemon, Staff Writer

On October 26, the chorus students opened the ceremony of the safety building by singing the national anthem. The safety building project started back in March 2017 when they outgrew their other locations around Southborough. A Special Town Meeting approved the borrowing of $22.6 million to construct a 35,000 square feet building. The members agreed on building right away, and the building was finished this year. The ceremony was held shortly after.  

 Vanessa Hales, the Assistant Town Administrator, emailed Mr. Martineau, the district superintendent, two weeks before the ceremony was set to happen, who emailed Mr. Lavoie, the principal of Trottier Middle School. Mr. Lavoie reached out to chorus teacher Mrs. Alzapiedi, who felt the ceremony was a great opportunity and she wanted to give back to the community. 

 Mrs. Alzapiedi had the students participate in memorizing the national anthem even if they were not coming, but she had the ones coming to sing the whole thing in front of the class several times. Seven seventh graders and eight eighth-graders came to the opening. She said she wanted the students to come ten minutes early, so they could practice and assign spots in front of the flagpole ensuring everyone could be seen. 

   At the ceremony, there were police, firefighters, EMTs, local selectman, veterans, boy scouts, and community members. Mrs. Alzapiedi says her first impression of all the professional people was that they were intimidating then impressive. During the ceremony, she said she saw a drone flying around the building. Mrs. Alzapiedi also said she saw a couple of former Trottier students in the crowd. 

After the ceremony was over, the community of Southborough was welcomed to watch many demonstrations, like drone demonstrations and service dog run-throughs. She also said the S.W.A.T team was going to show some of their equipment off.