Why Trottier Should Have a Football Team


9/11 Field on the Southborough/Marlborough town line

Come fall, the Trottier girls have a chance to try out for the school field hockey team. However, the boys don’t have a chance to try out for a school sport they love, football. The amount of people that want to play football is great, so there should be thought about having a team. This would be a good opportunity for the school to come together. 

 The reason that Trottier doesn’t have a team is health concerns and funding because the sport is dangerous and it costs too much money. Some parents don’t want their kids to play football because of the injury risk. Football is safe in ways but not in others. Most parents ease up on their kids when they go to highschool. 

If there was to be a football team for Trottier,  the grades would depend on the rules and what other schools do, but most likely they would be only 7th grade and 8th grade because they tend to be taller and stronger. If the team was allowed to watch film, they would watch it off of Hudl, an online site, because they tend to have a lot of good films. The team should do no cuts unless there were way too many kids that wanted to play. Mr. Felo said, “If the parents allowed their kids to play, there would be a lot of people that would want to play.” The positions would come from tryouts and what people are the best at. The size of football would also come from the rules for a school team.they would play on the 9/11 field. They would practice after and before school at Trottier or Neary due to the fact they are close to the school. Before would be conditioning, and after would be more about football.  The number of games we would play depends on the number of school teams there are. 

Choosing captains of the team could be based on tryouts and how people do and what they prove. The number of people that would get playing time would depend on if the team was losing or winning. 

Trottier has other sports because the school can afford them and they aren’t as dangerous as football. That’s the most important reason why the school doesn’t have a football team. 

Trottier’s football team, if there was one, would be good teachers, amazing coaches and the player would play efficiently. Players would put in hard work and effort and would succeed as a team, but the Trottier Rams should have a football team!