The Secrets of the Yearbook Revealed

Mrs. Bouchers senior year yearbook, which she helped to design

Mrs. Boucher’s senior year yearbook, which she helped to design

Swetha Govindarajan, Staff Writer

The yearbook returns again to Trottier as it has every year since 1998. Every year the yearbook staff are hard at work at creating the yearbook before the deadline. The yearbook has been lead by Mrs. Boucher since 2004. There is also a new adviser this year named Mrs. Montague; this is her first year as being an adviser. The yearbook is created using a website called Pictavo allows the yearbook staff to work fast and efficiently. Each yearbook staff gets assigned a page. They have to take photos for and also edit that page. According to Mrs.Boucher, “There are probably at least a hundred photos that don’t get included in the yearbook.” That’s a lot of photos that got rejected.

Mrs. Boucher has been designing yearbooks since 1999. Her first yearbook she helped design was her senior year high school yearbook which can be found in the guidance office. Mrs. Mountague is a new addition to the yearbook staff this year; she was asked to join after Ms. Bartolomei decided to leave. 

Students who were interested in joining the yearbook staff had to sign their names on the yearbook sign up sheet. Eleven students from each grade level were chosen. Mrs. Boucher usually picks them randomly, and she says sometimes they don’t show up, “Unfortunately what happens sometimes is students are chosen randomly and they don’t always show up, so our numbers slowly decrease as the year goes on.” 

After the yearbook is extensively edited by the two advisors, it is sent to O’Connor Studios which is the publisher of the yearbook. This is the first time the yearbook is using this company. 

The cover of the yearbook is usually designed by the eighth-grade yearbook staff, but this year the yearbook is holding a school-wide cover designing contest. Whoever wins will get their drawing on the cover. “This year the 8th graders are not going to specifically design the cover rather they will choose the top seven designs from the cover design contest that will then get voted on by the yearbook staff,” says Mrs. Boucher.