Brandy is The New Black

Brandy is The New Black

Ella Lipman, Staff Writer

Do you know all the new trendiest trends? Gaby Sidhom and Jane Robillard shared their point of view on the current trends in 2019. This year has been one of the craziest times for trends since there was an abundance of trends taking surface. There has been such a Jurassic change in style, clothes, new Tik Tok dances, and many more. 

First, I interviewed Gaby Sidhom since she was one of the trendiest people I know. I asked her, “Which Influencers started trends this year?” She responded with, “Tik Tok Creators.” I definitely believe that since almost every person on Tik Tok has a unique style and is almost always in trendy outfits. Also, she told me a great deal of the current trends at the moment include scrunchies, Brandy Melville, belts, Nike Air Force 1 shoes, hair clips, star accessories, Nike socks, Tik Tok dances, LED lights, Polaroid pictures, succulents, and Disne+. 

I agree with all of them except the scrunchies because they are kind of going out of style and not a lot of people are wearing them currently. The Nike Air Force 1 shoes are really in style right now thanks to the YouTuber, Emma Chamberlain. She started it way back in 2018, and from then on, they only got more popular and are sold out of all stores. The easiest way to get a pair is online.  Star accessories have become a staple in fashion, and shoppers can get almost anything with stars on it. Tik Tok dances started and never stopped, and now almost every month, there is a new dance to learn, and they just keep getting more complicated. LED lights are a new trend promoted by Tik Tokers. LED lights are hung around a room and can display different colors. 

Gaby then told me some of the clothing styles that are in, including mom jeans, plaid skirts, polo t-shirts, plaid shirts, cropped shirts, honey shirt, honey necklace, rings, big sweatpants, baggy shirts, and shirts over sweatshirts. 

After I interviewed Gaby, I went on to interview Jane Robillard. I gave her the same questions I gave to Gaby and her answers were a little bit different. After I asked her, “Which influencers started trends this year?” She responded with, “Youtubers.” Some YouTubers definitely started trends, such as Emma Chamberlain.  She started the trend of going to thrift stores and thrifting clothes and started wearing 90’s style clothing. She then told me a list of trends that she knows, such as chains, Hydro flasks, LED lights, Vans, Pura Vida bracelets, Tik Tok, childhood TV shows, and rings. Chains are very in style at the moment and being a “baddie.” Even though Hydro flasks are very well known nowadays, they are fizzling out after being a trend for more than three months. Vans are very popular, and they will probably be in trend for a long amount of time. 

Throughout all the trendiest trends this year, I think that this was one of the best years for trends and fashion. I can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store.