Student-Faculty Field Hockey Game Ends in a Draw

Avery Barnes, Staff Reporter

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The team getting hyped

The Trottier Middle School field hockey team had a great season this year. The girls played hard in many games, but ended the season with a 1-7-1 record. Their one win was a big one against Melican Middle School beating them 4-0. However, coach Scearbo said, “Our overall record does not reflect our growth and success.”

The team felt success because they worked very hard together. They had a great season because of the really great talented girls.

“I couldn’t be happier. The players learned so much and worked well together. I was amazed at their improvements,” said coach Scearbo.

Each game day, the team chose what spirit day they  were going to dress like. Some examples were black out, America day, color wars, pajama day, and Trottier shirt day. That is how the team  got hyped to play.

Home games were the best. They would always have great fans to support the team. Away games were fun too. Players would blast music on the bus and sing all the way to the games and on the way home. It was so fun. Practices were fun because players would learn new skills and have fun with each other. One practice the team invited students from the Transition Learning Classroom (TLC) to participate. They all  played fun games like blob, stuck in the mud, and a cone game with balls underneath to find before everyone else.

This team was great this year


Field hockey team getting ready for the game

with really nice awesome players and the best field hockey coach.  The coach mentioned  that everyone just loved the sport and was willing to work hard to get better at the sport. The Trottier field hockey team may not have won many games, but it was a very successful season in many ways. Once the season ended, the girls had one more big game.

The annual Teacher-Student Field Hockey game was played on Thursday, October 27th, at Trottier Middle School. The girls were getting very hyped during the school day. They all dressed up to show their spirit for the big game. The spirit was mixed match day, so they wore mismatched clothes and bright colors. The faculty teachers that played in the game were Mr. Distefano, Mrs. Angus, Mr. Lavoie,  Mrs. Klein,  Mr. St. Pierre, Ms. Burgess, Ms. Glynn, Mrs. McKinnon, and Ms. Montgomery. This was a big game because it was the team’s last game and a big game against the teachers. The eighth grade players were one team, and the seventh grade players played on the faculty team as subs. The girls were very excited to play.


Faculty team lines up for the game

The first half started. Everyone was aggressive and got to the ball quickly. It was rainy, but the team was doing  great. Mr. Distefano ran down the field with people guarding him. He quickly passed to Mr. St. Pierre and he scored. They kept on playing and then from our team, Laine Johnson scored. Everyone was screaming in joy. Shortly after, everyone was being super aggressive. The half ended. The teams had their talks and went on the field. It was now tied 1-1. The game resumed. Then a quick pass to Heather Hodgkins allowed her a hard open shot. The ball shot in for a score! The goalie on the other team, Mrs. Souaibou, was all the way out of goal, and Heather got a straight hit in. The student team played hard and kept hitting the ball back and forth to each other for a long time. Then, Katie Holmes came storming really fast down the field and scored on a very hard hit. Everyone cheered. It was now 3-1. The 8th graders had a lead. Towards the end of the game, the faculty team was very close to the goal. They kept hitting in the goal, but the student goalie  kept defending it. One of the teachers passed it to Mr. Lavoie, and he took a big hit and scored. Everyone cheered. Mr. Lavoie got so happy he slid on his stomach and everyone laughed. At the end, the teams lined up and said, “Good game” to each other. This was a great game. The faculty students played a great aggressive game. The final score was a tie, 3-3.

“This was one of the best teams we have ever played”, One of the faculty members said at the end of the game.  Sadly, this is the end of the season. The seventh and eighth graders did a very good job this year. They didn’t win all their games but they saw success in their play as a team. They were very respectful to each other and had a great year. The 7th graders will definitely miss the 8th graders and the 8th graders will miss the 7th graders. The players are hopeful that the team can build on the successes they had this year next season.