Rest in Peace, Jose Fernandez

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screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-7-44-14-pmSadly, on September 25, 2016, a major league baseball star on and off the field, Jose Fernandez, died. Jose Fernandez was born on July 31, 1992 and lived in Cuba until he defected in 2008. He got drafted in 2011 by the Marlins and started to play for their MLB program in 2013 until his death in 2016. When he went on a boat ride on September 25, 2016 with his friends, the boat flipped over and crashed, and that’s when Jose Fernandez passed away. News just surfaced on October 28, 2016 stating that Jose Fernandez’s autopsy revealed that there were drugs in his system, and he was way over the legal amount for alcohol.

After learning about his death, the Trottier Rampages staff wanted to find out what baseball fans thought of him.  All three interviews were done prior to the release of the autopsy results.  

Mr. Cassell, an eighth grade teacher, said, “I thought it was sad because he was a young promising pitcher, and he had a compelling story. I know he defected from Cuba and unknowingly saved his mother from drowning. It was very unfortunate that he died in a boating accident.” He continued,  “I am more of a fan of his story and how he got in the major league baseball.” Mr. Cassell went on about the player. “He was a dominant pitcher at a young age, and he had a skill that could have landed him in the Hall of Fame.”  

The newspaper staff interviewed Mr. Winston, a sixth grade social studies teacher.  He stated, “I thought that it was such a shame.  It took the life of a vibrant young person and family member.”  He then went on to say,  “Forget that he was a baseball player, I read that he was a really fun guy to be around.”  Mr. Winston added that he did have him on his fantasy baseball team.  He also mentioned that Fernandez reminded him of Pedro Martinez of the Red Sox.  Overall, Mr. Winston was “a fan” of Jose Fernandez.

The newspaper staff got the chance to ask Mr. Silva, another teacher in the school, a few questions about Jose Fernandez. Mr. Silva said, “It was sudden and shocking and not many people expected it. It was a strange accident, which makes it even more sad. I read about the death after Big Papi talked about it, and I saw the teammates wearing jerseys that had Jose Fernandez written on the back.” Mr. Silva lastly said it was very tough loss for the baseball community and Cuba.

All in all, Jose Fernandez was a very loved and talented  pitcher. This was not only a big loss for baseball, but it was an even bigger loss to the country of Cuba where Jose was from. He will always be remembered and loved by the baseball community.  Rest in peace, Jose Fernandez.