Stop Wasting Time and Join Project Unify

Staff Reporters

 Project Uniscreen-shot-2016-11-14-at-9-01-06-amfy is a club that makes sure kids in the Trottier community have the opportunity to participate and are included in local events.  It is advised by Trottier Teachers: Mrs. Lunder, Miss Burgess, and Mrs. Klein. Club members plan out events and coordinate with other organizations and  extracurricular activities. The club meets weekly on Friday mornings at 7:30 in Mrs. Lunder’s room. Project Unify is a year round club and everyone is welcome to join. There is at least one activity going on per month for Project Unify. Students of all abilities have the power to positively impact their school communities by including everyone . We have interviewed two advisors, Mrs. Lunder and Mrs. Burgess, who l


Project Unify volunteering at the Halloween Party

ead  Project Unify.  We asked them questions so our school community can learn more about what the club offers, and to inform how Project Unify impacts students in our school community.

What does Project Unify offer to the Trottier Community?

Miss Burgess: I think that it gives opportunities to the kids that they mostly would not get. They love being apart of it. It’s a great way to celebrate with peers.

Mrs. Lunder: It puts a smile on their faces and it helps the students feel proud of this group of children.

How did you come up with this idea of the club?

Miss Burgess:  So, I did not come up with the idea. Our school was reached out by Unify because we have so many students come out and support at the Special Olympics every year.

Mrs. Lunder: We were approached by Mr. Lavoie and the Project Unify organization. They needed advisers.

How long has this club been going on for?                                                     

Mrs. Lunder: The club started in spring 2016 with the first event being the Fun Run, a major success.

Miss Burgess: This club was started in May of last year after the Special Olympics.

Do you think this club can be something more?

Mrs. Lunder: The club is growing with big momentum with people jumping on board, not just a club, a school wide event.

Miss Burgess: Absolutely! Once it started last year it looked great.  This year looks great with the activities we already have organized. In October we had four events and we are trying to do a new activity every month.


Students performing a version of “Monster Mash”

Do you know any other schools in the area with Project Unify?

Miss Burgess: I don’t know at the moment, but I do know that the high school has a best buddy program. Algonquin also has a Unify track when they run together during track.

Mrs. Lunder: The high school does have a system called best buddies. It is definitely growing.

Do you think other schools should start this club?

Mrs. Lunder: I think that it’s wonderful, I’m so proud of the students and hearing from students day and night about ideas.

What do you enjoy about working with the Transition Learning Classroom (TLC) and the Assabet Collaborative students?

Miss Burgess: I work closely with the TLC students, they are the best part of my job.  They all have the best personalities and every day is a new adventure with them and I love my job.

Mrs. Lunder: I love the kids being happy and the smile on their faces makes me happy.

What do you think impacts this students about project unify?

Miss Burgess: I think that it’s gives opportunities to the kids that they mostly would not get. They love being apart of it and it’s a great way to celebrate with peers.

Mrs. Lunder: I’m excited to get up in the morning,  come to school, and help work with all the students who participate.

Students and advisors helped organize participation in three events for Project Unify. This included the Heritage Day Parade, the student faculty field hockey game, and The Halloween party.

For the Heritage day parade, club members held the Trottier Middle School sign and marched in front of the band.

The student faculty field hockey game was another fun event for members who watched and cheered their teachers and peers as they competed against each other in the game. They were great cheerleaders!  

Lastly, the Halloween party was an entertaining time for club members to hang out with their friends and participate in multiple events from their community.

Overall, Project Unify is a great way to include all students in community events with their peers. Project Unify encourages students to contact a club advisor if they are interested in getting involved.  Be on the lookout for out for their next event and they hope to see you there!