The Olive Garden


Looking for a night with the family or just some time with your friends?  The Olive Garden is an Italian family restaurant over by the Natick Mall with THE BEST breadsticks ever!! The Olive Garden was founded by Curtis Dayton in Orlando, Florida in 1989. By 1995, they franchised the restaurant, and there are Olive Gardens all over the United StatesU.S.


The restaurant hasd a classic Italian design, which made me feel like I was really in Italy with the beige clay colored walls and  purple curtains. The clean comfortable surroundings, little noise, and the perfect bright lighting  made me and others around me feel happy. There were many old black and white pictures that in a weird way reminded me of when my great-grandmother was still alive and made me her own Italian recipes all the time.

The Service And Fooog-2d

The server took our drink order right when we got seated, and the shrimp scampi fritta and mozzarella stick appetizers came right along with the kiwi melon fruit fizz drink. The appetizers og-3were hot and crispy,  just how I like them.  The entree took about five minutes to get to the table(then again five minutes is like three hours to a hungry teen such as myself). I ordered shrimp scampi, and it was so worth the wait.The shrimp was so large it almost didn’t fit in my mouth, and the noodles were boiled to perfection. I ended my meal with the most magnificent chocolate mousse cake that I have ever tasted in my life.  

Portions And Prices

The portions completely intimidated me. I wanted to ask for a half portion, but my mom said they didn’t do that. I took some leftover food home with me. By the end of the night, I couldn’t even eat my dessert. My tasty drink was $3. The delicious appetizers were $15.98. The delectable entree was $16.29, and the epic chocolate tie mousse cake was $7.29. In total, my dinner cost approximately $41.  All the food was pricy, but the portions were large.

My Server

Julia, our server, was the nicest, peppiest server I have ever met in my thirteen years on this earth. She was so fast with taking our orders.  All The servers were so friendly and welcoming, and they made me feel right at home. They will do the same for you, even if you aren’t Italian in any way.

LOL Moment

Apparently, the news that I was reviewing the Olive Garden got out, and as a result, I got my own swag bag that included four Olive Garden coupons, four dinner mints, two stress squishies in the shape of Olive Garden breadsticks(BEST THINGS EVER), one official looking Olive Garden pin with my name on it, and the most adorable little note from my server!

The Swag Bag
The Swag Bag