Why Should Trottier have a Soccer Team?

Amanda Ferris

The question I propose is:  Should Trottier have a soccer team? Here at Trottier we have many different sports teams, including a basketball team, baseball team, field hockey team, and a track team, but we lack having a really popular sport, soccer. Yes, Trottier should have a soccer team because of the social, physical, future, and child care benefits to students and families.

Social benefits

 Middle school sports teams help kids learn to stay connected.  Being part of a soccer team can help students make new friends, friends they didn’t know before they joined. A supportive coach and teammates can help a student feel important, and it makes them feel like they’re doing something that is a good use of their time. It’s also a great way to stay connected to school, going to practices before and after school and making a big commitment shows effort.

I talked to one of my teachers whose son plays soccer for a high school team, and she said, “The more kids are involved with playing sports the less time kids spend on their phones and technology.”  She also mentioned that playing sports helps students stay mentally healthy.

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-9-53-53-amKatherine Bradley reported in her article “Should Middle Schools Have Sports Teams?” that, “Middle school sports teams provide the opportunity for students to spend time with other students of like interests and varied demographics and to develop skills for working in a competitive environment and collaborative effort.” This basically states that being part of physical activities can help with being competitive and working with others, whether it’s in sports or school.

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-9-53-15-amI talked to Trottier’s vice principal, Mr. Hreschuk.  He believes meeting new kids and building friendships and team goals requires kids to be self-disciplined. It is good for kids to be active and make new friends and teammates, whether they’re from school or from other sports teams.  Bringing them together can build a school community. Getting kids together, being part of a team, and drawing a crowd makes school feel like a fun place. Social benefits play a main role in sports.  Students meet new friends, learn to be competitive, feel important, learn to stay self-disciplined, and stay off technology.


Future benefits

   Being part of a middle school sports team helps give high school coaches an idea of who they want to play on their team in the near future. Although there are town teams, I really think they don’t connect to high schools, and high school is like the start of a career. Here at Trottier, we have a school basketball team, and the town also has a travel basketball team. The travel team doesn’t connect to the school; it connects to the town of Southborough, so it doesn’t really matter to the high school.  However, if kids from the high school come to watch the middle school games, the news spreads fast to high school coaches.  Athletes from the high school teams could tell the high school coaches who played well in the games.

When I talked to Mr. Hreschuk, he thought since we have town teams and club soccer teams we don’t really need a middle school team.   At first, I agreed, but making a commitment to a club is really time consuming and most of the practices don’t take place in a local spot for a lot of people.  Whereas school teams take place at school, and practices are either before school or after school.

I believe that it will make a difference for high school soccer coaches if we have a team here at Trottier and will give all students an opportunity to play soccer.

Physical benefits

  Middle school sports are a big part of staying fit and also living a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes playing sports can help keep a clear mind that is less stressed and more energized.  My friend who plays on the Trottier basketball team told me that she believes that being part of physical activities keeps you healthy and fit.  An article I read on middle school sports, “Our Everyday Life,”  stated, “School athletics provides an opportunity for increased caloric expenditure that could have the potential to impact fitness levels.”  This means that school athletics gives you the option to stay healthy. Not only does it keep you physically healthy by playing but it also keeps your mind healthy and keeping your mind healthy relates to keeping your body healthy.

Keepingyourmindhealthy.com suggested, “Look after your body, and your mind will also function well.”  The website also stated, “Scientists have observed that exercise causes the blood vessels in the body, including in your brain, to dilate. This changes the metabolic capacity of the brain. Exercise also makes the brain secrete certain chemicals which help keep neurons healthy and able to change.” To put in less words, exercise keeps your mind healthy, and it’s really good for your mind if you exercise. A middle school soccer team will help students live a healthy lifestyle.

Childcare benefits
   School programs have a lot of childcare benefits. It’s a safe place where students can change after school and go to their practice. It’s a very safe environment because it’s always on school property so there is 24-7 supervision. Everyday Life stated, “Athletic programs, as a rule, are scheduled to take place immediately following school. Therefore parents know that their kids are cared for by professionals with little or no financial outlay.” Parents don’t need to worry about their kids because they are safe. Also parents don’t have to pay money for them to be part of the school team. And lastly, parents don’t have to pick their kids up from school because they can take the late bus, which comes everyday except Mondays to pick kids up if they stay for after school activities.  Parents don’t have to worry about their kids if they play for a middle school soccer team.  

I think that a soccer team at Trottier would help give school a fun purpose rather than just learning.  It would give students something to look forward to at the end of that long school day. Also staying active is a great way to live a healthy, non-stressed lifestyle. One thing that I personally cannot stress enough is the joy that being part of a team brings me, going out there and playing knowing friends and family and coaches are supporting me.  It  makes me feel important.  There is nothing better than when my teammates pile on top of me when I score a goal or someone tells me I played well. That’s why I do it. That’s why I make the commitment. I think that Trottier and the kids that go here deserve to have the option to be on a middle school soccer team.

Should Trottier have a soccer team?

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