After School Soccer Club?

Felipe Guerra

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After school club sports have many benefits. They keep students connected, create new friendships, and keep students active rather than staying on their phone for the whole day. Club sports are just for fun, so nobody should feel like they are not good enough to play.

In the world, soccer is the most played sport for both genders. Based on a student poll, soccer is the most played sport in our school. Trottier has interscholastic baseball, basketball, and field hockey teams but not a soccer team. Although many people believe we should, I’m not here to try and start an interscholastic team. An after school club would be great.screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-10-26-37-am

Since the colder weather is arriving, soccer could be played inside in the gym as futsal, five on five soccer on a basketball court. Since Trottier has bubble soccer and that is already inside the gym during the winter, it is possible to start futsal until the late bus. Once spring comes around, soccer could be taken outside on the big Neary field with eleven boys and eleven girls including two goalies from each gender. Many kids would participate in a soccer club because it would just be so much fun. The minimum number of players should be twenty two so there are enough players to field two teams.  Then, everybody gets a lot of playing time. It is played like a real game, so it prepares students for interscholastic high school soccer.

To form a soccer club, the team would need at least one teacher to volunteer and help organize it. The only thing the teacher advisor would need to bring is a soccer ball, and the students would need their cleats and athletic clothing.

Mr. Lavoie was interviewed to learn more about forming clubs at Trottier Middle School.

Q: How did flag football start?

A: (It) pre dates Mr Felo. It started as an intramural program. He took over and then             added competition element into it and more than 80 kids joined and almost 100 kids at some point. Real interest. Recreation took it over a few years ago, and it is now a rec program. Not as many students participate, but still a bunch.

Q: What teacher do you think would help organize it?

A: I don’t know. I think it would be worthwhile to ask around. Any time a student approaches a teacher and asks graciously, then that word spreads. “Hey Felipe is interested in starting a soccer club.  Does anyone have an interest in that?” You might come back empty or you might come back with four people that want to do it. You never know until you ask. So it is worth doing in a polite and correct way.

Q: What else is needed to start a club?

A: You need an advisor. You would need one teacher and the interest of the kids. As long as there is a teacher advisor and a kid interest, we can usually make it work.

Q: Do you think we should have a soccer club? Yes or No and Why?

A: I tried to start one when I was a teacher here back in 2001. I started an intramural soccer thing here in the spring, and because kids were so busy, it didn’t have much momentum. I was able to get a nice bag of balls. I had everything, but kids were doing too much soccer outside of school and other sports.

Q: Do you think middle school sports are important?

A: Yeah, I love it. Absolutely. It’s a balance between participation and competition.  I’d like more kids to play. I would like to have more kids have the experience of an organized team versus a recreation team, but it puts in some very valuable traits that are very transferrable to school and everything else.  So yes, I am a huge supporter of middle school athletics.

Q: Why don’t we have a soccer team?

A: Well, we added baseball not too long ago. Field hockey and basketball were the only sports we had interscholastic, then we added baseball and softball. I don’t really know the answer to that. There is no recreation program for field hockey so they could only get it at school. I think Mrs. Angus started it a long time ago. Then we had a teacher from the high school continue it, but she had to leave. Then Mrs. Scearbo took over. We weren’t going to have it if it wasn’t for her, so I give her a lot of credit for that.

Q: If we find enough kids to participate do you think it could start?

A: As long as there is a teacher, yes I do.   

The benefits of a soccer club have been outlined and Mr. Lavoie, the principal of Trottier, agrees that we should have an after school soccer club. What do you think Trottier?  Should a soccer club be created? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.