Benefits of Having a School Soccer Team

Ava Bayko and Emily Dasilva

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screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-10-42-18-amMany middle schools around the area, such as Grafton and  Hopkinton, have soccer teams but Trottier Middle School does not. If there are baseball, basketball, and field hockey teams, why can’t there be a soccer team here at Trottier? As students who play soccer, we feel that Trottier middle school should have a soccer team.  

Exercise Benefits

One of the major benefits for having a middle school soccer team is that kids and teens will get more exercise. Being on a number of different teams helps athletes get used to the process of running everyday or every two days or maybe even every 3 days, depending on how many soccer teams the athlete plays on. When you play everyday or run everyday, your body gets used to it, and each day you do it, it makes it easier for you to run. It builds up your stamina and your endurance. Always having your body moving the same way everyday helps you on the field and to keep your body healthy. Some of the students that we interviewed at Trottier did mention that a soccer team can benefit students’ health and activity.


Being on a lot of different soccer teams helps you gain sportsmanship. Athletes learn how to work with their peers and how to react to wins and losses. Kids can get used to being nice and respectful to their teammates, coaches, opponents, and referees. Players will get better at working with different teammates.

Money Benefits

Playing on a club soccer team can get really expensive. Most club teams are over $1,000. The fees pile up, and some people just can’t afford it. Having a middle school soccer team does have some money that needs to be put into it but very little.The taxes that we pay for the school and our town will cover most of what we need to start the soccer team. A middle school team offers another opportunity to play soccer with little cost for families.

We took our time to interview seven sixth grade students, and they all said they would like to be part of the team.  They also said that they knew friends that would be interested in being on and forming the team. They thought it was important to start a team because other local schools have them.

We also interviewed the assistant principal, Mr. Hreschuk, here at Trottier to get his opinion on a middle school soccer team. He really liked the idea, but he was not certain that it would work out.

Q:  What is important about having middle school sports?

A:  Sports is in many ways is an extension of education.  Sports teach some critical values of teamwork, responsibility, goal setting, humility, and sportsmanship.


Q:  Would you be interested in letting us form a soccer team for the middle school?

A:  We could explore this possibility.  It takes a big amount of responsibility to form one.

Q:  Do you think it is fair to the students to have most sports in the school but no soccer?

A:  Not unfair.  I don’t think Southborough is missing soccer.

Q: What would be the cost associated with a new soccer team?

A:  We would have to pay for a coach.  The biggest cost would be buses, uniforms, referees, and equipment.   

Q:   What would we need to do in order to form a team?

A:  Start by talking to the principal to find a teacher who might want to be a coach.  Connect with  town soccer to see if it interrupts them.  Determine how many middle schools in central Massachusetts have a soccer program.

Q:  Who formed the baseball team?

A:  It was formed through parents and students who brought the idea up to Mr. Lavoie.  They identified the amount of kids who would try out.  Parents volunteered to coach and fundraised for uniforms.

As students at Trottier Middle School, we think that it is very important to have a school soccer team because it helps students get the exercise they need everyday, helps them with good sportsmanship, and lastly it costs less than club and town soccer.

Comment below if you would be interested in being a part of a soccer team here at Trottier.