The Good and Bad of the Stock Exchange


Michael Hurley and Dimitri Skafidas

What are Stocks?

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-1-09-49-pmStocks are a share or a piece in a company. This means that at the moment when you buy the the stock you own roughly 1/10,000,000,000,000 in the company and you hold equity in it. Let’s say you buy a share in Nike. It would cost around $70 because it is a big company and, therefore, has a larger share price. If you had a smaller company like CoLucid Pharmaceuticals Inc., the stock price would be around $5-$30. What new investors need to watch out for are st
ocks valued at $5 and below. These are called penny stocks. These stocks are very dangerous as far as not being as predictable, so you could either profit big or lose all your money.    

A Profitable Stock

Recently, research has indicated some specific stocks are doing well and should be considered for investment. For example,  CLCD, +CoLucid Pharmaceuticals, Inc. CLCD, +0.22% is a very stable and reliable company. Colucid Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a company that researches and makes drugs for people with cardiovascular disease. It is a great stock to invest in due to the high probability that they will come out with a revolutionary drug. It went up in early September, dropped, and has been running up since from 21.68. The stock is now valued at $36 but has a very steep upward trend and has shown it in the past few weeks. This is a very stable and reliable stock to make a first time investment in and is valued at a price that is affordable to most people. Investing now when this stock has momentum is very good for growing your money. I personally get most of my information for trading stocks and good stocks to invest in off of This website is unbiased and has great info on trending stocks for first time investments.

Current Events In The Stock World

There are many events happening in the stock world. One event is the fluid stock exchange in China. China’s overall change in the stock market has been lower than average recently due to a minor economic collapse that has affected China’s economy for a short period of time. Most investment companies in China have a great problem with their workers’ job security and most have been laid off or have switched jobs. However, Starbucks is making a huge positive impact in China’s stock market. Starbucks is multiplying at a rate of one being built every day. By 2021, there will be an estimated 5,000 Starbucks in China, which should make their stock rise exponentially. Another region where the stock market has been affected is the Middle East. The Middle East is known for their oil production, considering the Middle East is the top producer. However, since the oil prices have dropped recently it has crushed many Middle Eastern economies. Due to this, millions of dollars have been lost to those who have invested in Middle Eastern oil.