25 Ideas for a Snow Day

Staff Writer

You wake up on a cold winter morning, notice your clock says 7:45, and think you’re going to be late for school.  You flip out and then realize three feet of snow fell overnight.  SNOW DAY!! What will you do on this fine day?  Well here is a list of ideas on how to spend this luxurious snow day!

  1. Stay inside in your PJs and have a mystery movie marathon!  Watch Abduction starring Taylor Lautner.
  2. Build a huge fort for everyone to hide in!
  3. Watch old musicals and sing-alongs. Our favorite is High School Musical 1, 2, and 3 !
  4. Bake winter sugar cookies and attempt to make a melting snowman!
  5. Learn how to play different card games, such as  Blackjack or Skipbo.
  6. Learn how to make origami!
  7. Play in the snow.  Go sledding!  Have a snowball fight!
  8. Have a snowman competition with your family!
  9. Snow angels!
  10. Ski on your Wii!
  11. Make an igloo and attempt to find a penguin!
  12. Have an argument with yourself about Oreos. Which is better, Doublestuff, regular, or thin?!
  13. Attempt to sing Jingle Bells to your neighbors, even if it’s in February!
  14. Shovel your neighbor’s driveway and make them pay you!
  15. Catch up on some sleep that you missed due to stressful homework!
  16. Go outside and throw a snowball at the first person you find!
  17.  Attempt to find Bumble the snow monster!
  18. Do your homework, NOT!
  19. Try a new DIY off of Pinterest.  Take a look at the video of our homemade speaker!
  20. Yoga!
  21. Rearrange your room!
  22. Make a movie of your pet!
  23. Annoy your parent while they are trying to work by clicking a pen or asking a question every 5 minutes!
  24. Take a walk
  25. Make up your own word, create a definition, and send it to the dictionary company (like tallness: being really tall and not being able to play basketball!)

Challenge time!! We want you to try to do everything on this list in one snow day.  We say you can.  Comment below if you have ever done anything on this list or suggest other ideas!