Trottier Takes Over Washington, D.C.

Gabrielle Brudner and Patrick Freeman, Staff Writers

Some friends smiling with Mrs. Angus, one of the phys ed teachers, ready for their flight!

The Washington, D.C. trip for the eighth graders is one the most exciting and memorable events that happens at Trottier each year. It takes place around the same time annually, but this year, in particular, our class left on Wednesday, November 9th and returned on Saturday, November 12th. It’s such a popular trip that 78% of the eighth grade Trottier students went on the trip. Students that did not to go were offered the chance to go to the Boston Science Museum.

While there were many reasons for this trip to be so fun, there were two main ones that made this trip so memorable. First off, there were so many landmarks that we visited that are known around the world, such as the White House, the Capitol building, and many more. In addition to that, students are with their friends for four days.  It’s a phenomenal bonding experience with classmates and teachers. For us personally, it taught us to treat our peers in our class like family. The best part is how students talk to people they don’t normally talk to in school. Overall, the D.C. trip is not only exciting, but it is also one of the most unforgettable trips that students will have in their life.


Places visited: (bold=most popular, based on survey of 40 students)

11/10 – (Day 1)

George Washington’s famous home, Mount Vernon. Photobombed by the beloved Mr. Holland.
George Washington’s kitchen at Mount Vernon
The National Cathedral

Mount Vernon

Holocaust Memorial

Embassy Row

National Cathedral


The White House

Jefferson Memorial

Korean War

The wash house in George Washington’s home



11/11 – (Day 2)

Library of Congress

The remains of the Twin Towers from 9/11 at the Newseum.

Supreme Court


Capitol Building

Natural History Museum

Pentagon City Mall


11/12 – (Day 3)

Roosevelt Memorial

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

World War II Memorial

This was used to transport Holocaust victims. They were taken from their homes and endured a lengthy trip in over-packed cattle cars.

Vietnam War Memorial

Arlington National Cemetery

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

African American Museum

American History Museum

Air and Space Museum

Fort McHenry


All in all, the Washington, D.C. trip created memories for not only the students, but also all of the chaperones that went on the trip. Furthermore, there were so many interesting sites that we saw.  From the beginning all the way to end, the trip was outstanding. We would like to give a huge shoutout to everybody that made it possible, especially Mr. Lavoie, our principal. Also, to the upcoming eighth graders, we have a HUGE piece of advice, make the most out of every second and enjoy! As you can see, we loved the trip and we would most definitely go back to D.C. in a heartbeat!

Pre Looking Forward To: This information was taken from a survey before the trip. It was what people were looking forward to on the trip.

Post Liked: The information in this graph was taken from a survey after the trip and reflects what people liked the most about the trip.

Pre Nervous: The Information was taken from a survey we gave to students before the trip. It was what students were most nervous about while preparing for the trip.

Post Disliked: This information was taken from another survey. It was taken after the trip and reflects what people disliked the most about the trip.

Some friends enjoying their meals at Bertucci’s.