The Trottier Girls’ Basketball Team Commands the Court

Avery Barnes, Staff Writer

In mid-November, seventeen seventh and eighth grade girls tried out for the Trottier Middle School girls’ basketball team. In the end, five seventh graders made the team, and the rest was made up of eighth graders.

Mrs. Klein, the assistant coach of the Trottier Middle School girls’ team, predicted that the season will be slightly over 50% win. Mr. Silva, another assistant coach, agreed; although he hoped the recent burst of energy and aggressiveness that the team has shown will rise greatly. The coaches also seemed to agree that the girls’ tryouts were easy because so many returning players were trying out again, so the coaches already knew how they played. Overall, Coach Klein thought it went better than usual. She said, ¨There were too many girls for one position, and so many people would sit on the bench and not play that position because there are too many.¨ This was one of the challenges faced at tryouts. She said she loves the team, but what she loves the best is making the girls happy and helping them get more fit with the fun exercises. When asked about her plans on changing skills, offense, and defense from last year, she said; ¨At the end of last year, we let them just play offense without running a play,  but now, the team has plays and they want to move the ball with quick and crisp speed and passing. For defense, the team wants to be fierce without touching them or fouling them.¨  Coach Klein thought the team played well in their first game. ¨We played well, but the shots were not going in. Also, a lot of girls were nervous because it was the first game, which caused anxiety.¨ When interviewing her, she said something important. ¨Don’t pay attention to the score, pay attention that you are happy, playing as a team, being good sports, developing new skills, and just have fun!¨

On Friday December second, Trottier Middle School’s basketball teams had their first basketball games against Holden at Trottier. The boys played first at 3:30, and the girls played at 4:30. The girls did very well. They passed, shot, and played great defense.  The girls didn’t start that great at first, but then they got into it and did a good job.

Their second game was great, too. The team played against Marlborough at Trottier at 4:30. Even though they lost 19-33, they had crisp passes and were shooting the ball, but they just weren’t going in. The team also did a good job of defending.

Their third game was against Shrewsbury at Oak Middle School at 4:30. Trottier came back with a great score and won 25-23. The girls did a great job playing defense, and they stole the ball a lot. The team could’ve taken more shots to widen the gap, and the shots they did take weren’t hitting the net.

The girls had another on the road victory against Dudley Middle School.  The final score was 28-25.  This was another game played with solid defense.  The girls did a great job of stopping the Dudley team from shooting.

Then their fifth game was played at Trottier against Charlton at 4:30.  Trottier won 35-26. They did a great job of stealing the ball from the other team.  Their shots were going in, and they played very well offensively.

This is a very good and great-spirited team. They help other people and are good sports. They seem to have hit their stride starting in the third game.  Let’s go Trottier!