The Life of Mr. Silva

Brendan Philbin-Hannigan

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-9-13-14-amMr.Silva, who has worked here in several different positions, has had a chance to meet a majority of the students here at Trottier. He has been a sixth grade substitute, a seventh grade substitute, and now is working in the Transition Learning Program (TLC) program as an instructional aide.  He has also coached the Trottier basketball teams and advises the Creative Writing club.  On a Friday afternoon, I was able to catch a moment with Mr. Silva. I interviewed him about his job here at Trottier, teaching, and his plans. His responses were direct and to the point.

Q:  What is your teaching strategy?  

A:  Every student learns differently, so I always try to get to know my students on a personal level first and build connections with them. When I know their strengths, I can better figure out how to teach them in a way that makes more sense to them.

Q: What do you think works about your teaching system?

A: That it allows people to succeed using their own learning strategies. I like to focus on the positives and use those to build up and work on the negatives.

Q:  Can you tell me about a hobby of yours?

A : I do a lot of film work on the side, such as making music videos, and I have done some commercials for local businesses. I love to write short films as well and think editing is very enjoyable.

Q: What are your hopes for the future?

A: I really enjoy teaching, but if I was not teaching, I would love to be a Pixar animator.  They work with rendering and storyboarding, which has to do with the creation of the way the characters look and move.

Q: If you could teach any grade or any subject what would you teach?

A: English and I love middle school. I have taught from fourth grade all the way up to high school, but middle school is very enjoyable for me.

Q: Do you have any hidden talents?

A; The first instrument I ever learned to play was the accordion. This lead to other instruments, but I still laugh remembering how I started.