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Gettin' Real with the Rams

Gettin' Real with the Rams

The Student News Site of Trottier Middle School

Gettin' Real with the Rams

Gettin' Real with the Rams

Book Recommendations

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The Inheritance Games   

By: Jennifer Lynn Barnes 


The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes is a mystery fiction book. The main character, Avery Kylie Grambs, inherits 46.2 billion dollars from Tobias Hawthorne. Avery has never met Tobias Hawthorne, so it is a mystery as to why she inherits the money instead of his family. She gets taken to the Hawthorne mansion, and she learns that to inherit all of the money she has to live in the Hawthorne house for a year. She meets Tobias’s four grandchildren and their mother who are suspicious as to why she inherited the money. Jameson, one of the grandchildren, thinks that this is one final game his grandfather organized, and he thinks Avery is the key to it all.

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In this twisted game, secrets are revealed that should probably stay hidden. Between Avery joining her new school and meeting people who supposedly hate her and a dead girl’s mother who blames the Hawthorne family for her daughter’s death, it is safe to say Avery has her hands full these first few months. Adapting to all of the changes is keeping Avery busy, but a few murder attempts in the mix ought to help.


By: Veronica Roth

In this young adult, dystopian, sci-fi, book called Divergent by Veronica Roth, the society is divided into five factions, each dedicated to live life with a different virtue in mind. One day in the year, the Choosing Ceremony occurs, and all the sixteen year olds have to pick between the factions. The Dauntless value bravery, the Erudite value intelligence, the Abnegation value selflessness, the Candor value honesty, and the Amity value peace. Beatrice Prior decides to join the Dauntless and leave everything she’s ever known behind. During the initiation, she faces numerous challenges and changes her name to Tris. Murder attempts between her roommates arise, and there is blood and betrayal amongst her friends. While training to be the strongest she possibly can, Tris finds herself falling in love with Four. However Four finds out about her secret that could lead to death. 


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